Prior to shoot

prepare a true story of a time when your sense of identity changed the course of your life. 

  • For example:
    • Memory that changed the way you saw yourself because of something someone else did or said.
    • Time you felt marginalized, pushed aside or disregarded and the resulting impact that made on your life.
    • Scenario when your mindset or well-being was affected by someone else (e.g. feeling unsafe, unaccepted, powerless, empowered, enraged etc.)
    • Moment you rejected traditional gender categorization for yourself

When scheduling your session

  • Summarize your story in 300 words or less. 

Two weeks prior to your shoot

  • Submit your story in its entirety
  • Ways to submit
    • Upload electronic mp3 file (5-minutes or less). Mobile phone recordings are acceptable.
    • Email written story (2 pages or less)
    • Details regarding the submission process will be provided to all scheduled participants.

day of shoot

Each studio session is a unique and private experience between you and the artists.  

During the session:

  • You and the artists will engage in a conversation about your story. 
  • Inga paints an abstract representation of your story wherever you feel most comfortable on your body and/or face. 
  • Kessia conducts a photoshoot, capturing your represented experience and emotional essence.

Additional Notes

  • Please come with makeup and hair ready in your everyday look. (Even though we'll be painting on a part of your body, there will not be a makeup artist there for beauty makeup touchups.)
  • Bring your nude underwear, nude body suit, bra or camisole/tank. Some nude garments will be provided as necessary, but we prefer you bring your own when possible. Please keep in mind that paint can get messy. We would hate for anything to happen to your favorite article of clothing, so please consider bringing washable items that you are not concerned about getting dirty.
  • The extent of skin exposure is entirely dependent on the model's level of comfort. The intent of this project is to empower the individual and facilitate the clearest telling of their story. 
  • Please let us know if you have any skin allergies.